Hope Locker

for WaterAid

“The smartest experiential & charity marketing campaign you’ll see this year.” Econsultancy

I love getting my hands dirty with new technology.

Hope Locker is a new media platform that marries an interactive display with a coin-operated changing room locker to create a brand new micro donation opportunity for charities.

For WaterAid, we played on peoples’ anxieties about how much water they swallow while swimming. Using the emotional power of this contextual insight, and WaterAid’s own data, we contrasted first-world woes with the tragic reality facing the developing world.

A personalised message showed you exactly how many children had died from dirty water while you were swimming. Your £1 sitting in the locker right now could help – do you really want it back?

Here's the case study film:

This idea was brought to life with the fantastic team at Media Monks. So far it's picked up a number of innovation awards, and a national fitness chain is in advanced discussions to roll it out.


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