T-shaped and ready to ship.

T-shaped? Well, that’s a creative who’s a specialist generalist. Someone who has honed their core creative skill – and then spread out laterally. They’ve got depth and breadth. Can do and direct.

It’s someone who loves, above all, to make stuff and make stuff happen. To build. Whether that’s an idea, or a team. And, knowing creativity to be a team sport, they know just the ringers.

They are a constant work in progress. Comfortably seeking inspiration from data as much as dada. Stealing insights from social economics as well as behavioural. They’re just geeky enough.

They’re a mash up. A pinch of planner, with the cut of a suit, and the cheek of a hacker.

They paddle upstream with clients to the source of the business problem, and know that the answer isn’t always an ad. But it is always an entertaining or useful brand experience.

And they’re always ready to seed such ideas, then step away while others water.

Yep, they’re a lot about creative and a little about everything else.

Well, anyway, that’s about me.

To a T.

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